Traveling through Bangladesh was incredible, a country where the people were so welcoming and giving it blew my mind. I had some free time and decided to book a last-minute self-funded trip to explore untouched Bangladesh. I packed my camera bag and I arrived in Dhaka (the most densely populated city in the world) where I navigated the busy streets of Old Dhaka (Puran) and surrounding areas before I made my way south to Chittagong where I ventured up into the Hill Tracts region. I ended my trip in beautiful Cox’s Bazar where the beach runs unbroken for 120km! There were so many hidden gems in this country and I truly enjoyed where the ride took me as I caught rickshaws, CNG’s, buses, taxis, trains (even riding on top of a train), and many various boats along the way. It was an incredible experience and I urge you to explore this country that still has so much more to offer


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